Welcome to Stern Solartechnik

20 years product warranty

Stern Solartechnik panels is a worry-free purchase. A warranty of 20 years has got you covered.

Superior Aesthetics

Not only do we provide superior technology, Stern Solartechnik panels come with a smashing design.

World-Class Engingeering

Our solar panels are developed with cutting edge technology, by a team of engineering talents.

Introducing the shingling technology

Shingling technology is a new development of cell interconnection in a photovoltaic module. Essentially, solar shingling involves cutting solar cells into stripes (so called shingles) and arranging them in an overlapping pattern within a solar panel.  The electrical connection between the shingles is made using electrically conductive adhesive, which can be printed or dispensed on the shingle’s surface.

Innovation has always been our most important drive. Pushing boundaries by developing and deploying new technologies.